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The SSAA Hall of Fame goal was begun in 1994 with a Hall of Fame tournament being held at the Peters Creek, NC Complex with all proceeds going to the Hall of Fame Fund. From that time forward the SSAA Directors held tournaments and made donations to the fund. In May 2000 the building was begun and was completed in August 2000. The Hall of Fame is located at Peters Creek, NC. Complex and is open for viewing to the public at anytime.

The first dedication service was held March 10, 2001 with the following persons inducted into the SSAA Hall of Fame.


Simon & Beckie Smith
Cevie S. Faircloth, Sr.

Director Category
Dennis Bellamy
JJ White
Steve Williams
Carl Melvin
Mick Chandler
Steve Seagle

Retired and/or Special Player
Marvin Price
Mark Lamm
Peggy Hardin
Jonah Clark
Gary McLean
Earl Bedsole

Memorial Player/Coach
David Murphy
Flora Ann Hunt
Gerald Bush

Ernest Freeman

Ernie Jones

Retired Coach/Manager
Elvin Herring
Garland Joyner

Service Memorial
Charlie Harris
Levin Smith
WD Smith
LV Simmons


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